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Who doesn't love free stuff?

My father actually recommended this one to me from a commercial he say on TV. You even get to choose between two different meter styles from FreeStyle. I choose the the Lite option, for my smaller purses. All you have to do is join their "FreeStyle Promise Program". Pretty cool! I think most companies do something like this since they make their money on the test strips anyway. Any know of any other free diabetes supplies?

Speaking of great deals...I LOVE the dollar bin at Target. It always has cute things that I don't need. lol. I found these little plants though and I couldn't resist. I have decided I would show the progress here. I bought three different kind of a plants, a basil, flower, and a tree. They are tiny, but I thought that I could use some more green in my life. The only issue is I have no idea which pot has which plant. I am thinking this maybe the flower? What do you think?
Here is the first sign of green...

And here is what it looks like now!!

The others are not really happening...YET!!!

On a side note, this past weekend I went to Fashion Island (which is in Orange County-about an hour south of LA) and Tim Gunn was there doing a fashion show outside. It was really random, but I loved it none the less. Living in LA and doing what I do, I see famous people all the time, but there is nothing like seeing Tim Gunn doing what he does best. :)

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  1. fagel56 Says:

    I think your basil will be first to grow!!

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