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It's like Christmas morning for someone with Type 1! I got a whole bunch of new stuff and let me tell you, I really do think that new technology makes me more motivated to stay in control. Just goes to show you how many people are working hard to make my life easier and better. First off, my Dexcom G4 arrived! I got pink :) What do you think?
So far so good! This is probably the worst as far as calibration goes, and it wasn't too bad. Compared to the Medtronic sensor, which I was very unhappy with their accuracy.
Medtronic also very kindly sent me a new meter! This works wireless with my pump, and it lights up! That is why I switched over to the Verio because I was tired of having to turn on a light when I was in a dark room. I am loving this meter! I love the size, and the fact that I can make notes, (which I also had with my Verio), but the wireless transmission is soooo nice!!
As much as I love my Dexcom G4, I can't get it stay on! I know i have sensitive skin, but this is a picture after one day of use. The sensor itself is great. I just wish my skin didn't hate it! Any suggestions??
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  1. Christmas in February for sure! :-)

    Are you using any sorts of barrier prep wipes or anything before you put the sensor on?

    I know there are a ton of people who deal with this issue, so there has to be some help out there. Maybe the Dexcom forum on Or let's connect on Facebook and I'll ask people what they do - usually get a lot of input from the FB crowd.

  2. Amy Ross Says:

    I can use Skin Tac wipes to get mine to stay on. If I don't use it, it comes off after a day or two. There are other options out there if you need something stronger. I order here...

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