The DL
Last night was really cool. Literally. I had the opportunity to go to the LA Kings Opening Game and watch in the Hyde Lounge. Sometimes I love my job.

This place was very swanky and fun! Very classy and I felt very grown up. :)

Throughout the night I had a couple of drinks, so I was carefully checking my blood sugars throughout the nights. I knew I had to walk a good 20 minutes after the game, so an important part to keep in mind.

The night was fun, and of course had to end. As I'm getting ready for bed, I check one last time as I always do. 112. NAILED IT. I was so proud. I always feel good when I feel I did something, "bad" for a person with diabetes, but when the beautiful 112 appears...those thoughts vanish. I took a shower, then off to bed.


I wake up not feeling so great...hmmm maybe it was the alcohol...I checked my blood first thing when I wake up 420. WHAT?!?! How did this happen???


I forgot to un-suspend after my shower. ARGH. My great number turned to a failure. How did the vibrating all night not wake me up???

I was so upset. I felt so sick, I haven't been that high in a LONG time. All because one button. GRRRRR

Well, here I am, doing great now, stable and all.

Maybe I need to stop suspending and just give myself the missed bolus when I reconnect so I don't do this again.

Any other suggestions out there?
The DL

I don't even know where to begin....

I know it has been some time since I last wrote, but so much has happened.

First, I went to DISNEYWORLD!! Such an amazing trip. No diabetes problems WHAT SO EVER. NOT A SINGLE LOW! A few highs, but I'll take it. Such a lovely time with friends and the weather was only bad ONE day. YAH!!

Unfortunately, when I got back, I found out my Uncle had passed away. He struggled throughout most of his life, so I know he is in a better place now. This has just made things very complicated and busy in my family. I notice when I am in a happier place, I tend to test more often, which is such a cycle since better blood sugar equals better mood, but when I'm depressed...I test very little and high blood equals bad mood. SUCH a cycle. UGH.

Being back at work is good, keeps me distracted.

As far as my previous post goes, I will not address anonymous comments on my blog. If you have questions or would like to start a dialogue you can find me on twitter or email me at or create an account on here if you prefer to make it public.

My readers, hang in there, I will be posting more once things get back to normal.

The walk to cure diabetes is coming up for me and I am very excited! I love putting my team together and all working towards the same thing.

I'd love to hear about your team success and things you could improve on too. Let me know!

Thank you!!