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Last night was really cool. Literally. I had the opportunity to go to the LA Kings Opening Game and watch in the Hyde Lounge. Sometimes I love my job.

This place was very swanky and fun! Very classy and I felt very grown up. :)

Throughout the night I had a couple of drinks, so I was carefully checking my blood sugars throughout the nights. I knew I had to walk a good 20 minutes after the game, so an important part to keep in mind.

The night was fun, and of course had to end. As I'm getting ready for bed, I check one last time as I always do. 112. NAILED IT. I was so proud. I always feel good when I feel I did something, "bad" for a person with diabetes, but when the beautiful 112 appears...those thoughts vanish. I took a shower, then off to bed.


I wake up not feeling so great...hmmm maybe it was the alcohol...I checked my blood first thing when I wake up 420. WHAT?!?! How did this happen???


I forgot to un-suspend after my shower. ARGH. My great number turned to a failure. How did the vibrating all night not wake me up???

I was so upset. I felt so sick, I haven't been that high in a LONG time. All because one button. GRRRRR

Well, here I am, doing great now, stable and all.

Maybe I need to stop suspending and just give myself the missed bolus when I reconnect so I don't do this again.

Any other suggestions out there?
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  1. Scully Says:

    That happened to me so many times that now when I shower I don't suspend the insulin delivery. I just disconnect the pump and leave it on the counter. It delivers insulin onto the floor but whatever. It means I don't have to remember to un-suspend it. Just a thought.
    What a shitty experience to make all that hard work feel like it's gone to waste. I'm so sorry!

  2. Karen G Says:

    Ugh, that just sucks!!! :( Nothing worse than waking up mega-high.

    I'm like Scully, I don't suspend when I shower. I don't bolus when I reconnect either. I just disconnect and leave the pump on the counter, and then just reconnect once I've dried off.

  3. Amy Says:

    Same as Karen & Scully--I don't suspend. I had what happened to you happen to me SO many times. I used to get so mad at myself too! Another suggestion I heard from a friend was to dial down to a 0% basal while I was in the shower so I wouldn't lose insulin but after 30 minutes (or whatever I set it for) it would go back to a regular basal rate.

  4. kim Says:

    that sucks 8(
    i learned really quickly not to bother using the suspend option. i just take off my pump, and like scully, let it drip away. i don't bother to bolus when i reconnect either, as i figure the amount i lose isn't going to be that much. it's not like i take an hour in the shower.

  5. Holly Says:

    We were told never to suspend. We leave it running, and leave it on the counter. Even if my girl is really low, we just take it off.

    BUT, sometimes we forget to put it back on her after her bath!! haha...we're working on it! : )

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