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I can't believe it's already November...

It's interesting, I have had diabetes now for 8 years and I am still encountering firsts.

For example, this is the first time that a finger stick has BRUISED my finger tip. YEP! Bruised!

I clearly had the lancet set too harshly on my little pinky finger! It still hurts now :( Even as I type this, once again diabetes likes to make my life a little bit harder.

The holidays are now creeping up, and these are always hard for people with diabetes. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both centered around food. Just another reminder that we're different.

That is my issue, I need to refocus my ideas of what the holidays are. I need to remember that they aren't about the food-it's about the family.

My brother lives in NY so I hope I will get to see him. Then I won't be focused on the food. Sometimes big gatherings make me uncomfortable, which is why I focus on the food, but with him there it takes that pressure away.

Anyone else already thinking about the holidays? Now I will try to ignore my little finger...
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  1. A bruised ninja finger, is what I call those. Actually, amazingly, I had one today myself - must be a blunt lancet or something. Anyhow, holidays aren't on my mind yet but they are just around the corner. Here's to some fast finger healing before we need to test more for holiday snacking and eating.

  2. Ouch! I haven't seen a bruised finger yet. Hope it's feeling better now!

    You won my little give-away. I have a coupon good for some free Humalog for you. Email your mailing address to me at and I'll send it you. :)

  3. Ouch! We have never had the bruising...just a lot of scarring.
    Holidays for me have always been about family, the food is an extra. Enjoy!! and hope you heal quickly.

  4. Kate Says:

    Ow! I haven't gotten a bruise but several of my fingers are torn up right now. It sucks. Heal quickly! I'm with you on the holidays. I survived Halloween pretty well but Thanksgiving looms. I'd like to suggest that the family help out at a homeless shelter or something along those lines but my 93 year old mom would miss her huge dinner. :) Here's to a great November for all of us!

  5. Alyssa Says:

    I've had quite a few bruised fingers! My philosophy is that as long as my fingers aren't sore and/or bruised, I'm okay with the endless holes, callouses, and little black dots that mar my fingertips. Feel better!

    And about the holidays, all I can say is good luck. I know it's hard (for me, too). Here's to getting through it together!

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