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I am sad I just learned about this!! But alas, I will post for yesterday and today.

Titles of my future book. Say you’re writing a book about your life, community,
condition, or Health Activism. Come up with 5 working titles and a quick book jacket

I read a lot of literature about people who live with Type 1 Diabetes, I find it therapeutic. I never really thought about writing my own book. Each one of us has a unique story, and I think I am no different in that respect.

1. The Low Down (the name of my blog)
2. Freckles and Diabetes oh my! (I have lots of freckles)
3. Singing, Dancing and managing Diabetes
4. HIGH notes and LOW notes
5. Different Path to Success

If you haven't gathered, I love to sing and dance. It's something I have done for years and it played an interesting role in my diabetes care. The book cover I would want to be a picture of someone on off stage checking their blood sugar right before they are supposed to go on.

My TV Show. Your blog is being turned into a TV show! Congrats – you’ve earned it.
In fact, you get to co-write it. Write about the TV show based on your life or blog.

On my show, I would want it to be about a young adult, just trying to go through life, but that showed all the true aspects of what diabetics have to deal with. I could see hilarious conversations with health insurance workers, pump malfunctions, lows in the mall...the stories could go on and on. I think it would be really great if it was suited for all audiences so people could really see the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

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The DL
I can't believe it's already November...

It's interesting, I have had diabetes now for 8 years and I am still encountering firsts.

For example, this is the first time that a finger stick has BRUISED my finger tip. YEP! Bruised!

I clearly had the lancet set too harshly on my little pinky finger! It still hurts now :( Even as I type this, once again diabetes likes to make my life a little bit harder.

The holidays are now creeping up, and these are always hard for people with diabetes. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both centered around food. Just another reminder that we're different.

That is my issue, I need to refocus my ideas of what the holidays are. I need to remember that they aren't about the food-it's about the family.

My brother lives in NY so I hope I will get to see him. Then I won't be focused on the food. Sometimes big gatherings make me uncomfortable, which is why I focus on the food, but with him there it takes that pressure away.

Anyone else already thinking about the holidays? Now I will try to ignore my little finger...