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It's my birthday!!

I plan on bolusing all day long for some yummy treats!! :)

Also, I have the best roommate in the world!! She decorated our apartment all out and I thought I would share with all of you!!

Time for some cupcakes and good memories!
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The situation was not unusual. I walked into the shared bathroom at work and she was there. Yep. The dreaded "she". The woman who just asks way too many personal questions, when all I want to do is my business and get back to work.

Usually her questions are more along the lines of, "Where did you get your dress?" or "How do you get your hair like that?"

Not today though. I was going through my daily totals in my pump in the bathroom, and she caught me, pump in hand, tubing down my dress. In her very odd accent, "OOO What is that?"

The question...the question that although doesn't change, my answers does. If I'd rather just move on in my life, I say it's an Mp3 player. My office shares this bathroom with a dentist's office, so I assumed she would know what an insulin pump was was I answered as if she knew....

"It's an insulin pump."

" have diabetes?"


"Oh, so you can't eat anything?!?! But you look so healthy."

OH LORD. Nope. Can't do it today. Normally, I am all for education, but not in the bathroom and not with her.

"I was born with it. It's an autoimmune disease." As I ran out the door. I didn't even get to use the bathroom. I'm not sure why she drove me so crazy. But now I dread going to the bathroom at work, because I wonder if I'll run into her again."

Part of me feels bad that I didn't take the time to explain, but part of me is still more upset about the way she made me feel. That look of sympathy that makes my stomach turn, and the way that from now on every time I run into her, I bet she brings it up.

Do I explain later? Do I never use the bathroom again??

To add to my day...

I felt a little funny, and I knew it was low blood sugar...tested 60...hmm ok.

Plan of action, got the juice from my desk and started to feel better. Moved on with my day. Come after lunch, I'm ready to test...wait...where is my meter??? I SEARCHED EVERYWHERE!!!!

And then...

Yep. At the very bottom. I have no idea how it got there.

Thank you low blood sugar...
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You don't have to tell me that diabetes always gets in the way. I know. I am full aware of how annoying it is.

Like how I was late to work yesterday because my pump needle didn't go in all the way and ended up gushing blood all over my work clothes


Like how I didn't get to sleep through the whole night because wearing a CGM is like having a new born baby when you're blood sugar is high waking you up every 5 minutes...PREDICTED HIGH...

Nah, I don't have to tell you that.

What I am wondering though, is how often does Diabetes come into play with decisions in your life?

Have you ever not done or done something because it was better for your diabetes?

Career decisions? Marriage decisions? Living alone vs not? Children vs not?

For myself, diabetes is always a thought...if I live alone and go low who would be there to help? If I have children, will they have diabetes too?

I know diabetes will always be a part of my life (until a cure anyway!) and will have to play in every decision, from weather I eat desert or if my night time reading consists of medical information...

How much is too much?? How little is too little??

On a less serious and much more fun note....

I am going with people from work tonight to see GLEE The 3D Concert!!!!

Everyone go see it!!!

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I know there are some crazy people in the world, but REALLY? WHY would a hacker want to hack into my pump?? I promise there is nothing worth stealing in there and if you ask I would just tell you...

You can click on the title to read the whole article, but here it is.


HACKERS COULD TARGET medical devices such as insulin pumps for the diabetic, as security flaws have been discovered by a diabetic security researcher.

Security problems highlighted by Jay Radcliffe mean that attackers could alter the read outs of insulin pumps remotely, so diabetics could get too little or not enough insulin.

Radcliffe shared the findings of his experiment with the Associated Press ahead of his presentation at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas today.

He told the AP, "My initial reaction was that this was really cool from a technical perspective. The second reaction was one of maybe sheer terror, to know that there's no security around the devices which are a very active part of keeping me alive."

Other devices at risk include pacemakers and operating room monitors, some of which can be remotely controlled by medical staff.

He added, "Everybody's pushing the technology to do more and more and more, and like any technology that's pushed like that, security is an afterthought."

Not surprisingly, those who make the devices say that as experiments are only undertaken by expert security researchers, they are unlikely to be replicated in a real life scenario. It seems these companies are thinking more about profits than they are about patients' well being, as usual.

And they could well be wrong. Radcliffe found his insulin pump could be reprogrammed to respond to a stranger's remote and all he needed was a USB device.

He looked at data being transmitted from the computer with the USB device to the insulin pump, and could then instruct the USB device to tell the pump what to do - a very scary thought indeed.

Read more:
The Inquirer - Computer hardware news and downloads. Visit the download store today.

Maybe this technology could be used for good? Perhaps doctor visits could be spaced out farther? Doctors and patients could work from home? Adjusting on the fly? Maybe if you're on vacation? Overall though, still a scary thought.


TOTALLY different topic~~~~~~~~~~~~

Is seeking therapy part of your diabetes care? If so, do you like it? How old were you when you started? How did you find them?

I'd appreciate any info! I am thinking it would be a good idea to incorporate this into my care, but just wanted to see if anyone else found it helpful or not!

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Sometimes dealing with diabetes can be ugly and tough. But other times, it can be lessened by adding some color into it :)

First off, in a recent give away, I won a Lauren's Hope Giveaway Bracelet!

I LOVE IT!!! I wear it everyday and the colors are so fun. I actually enjoy wearing a medic alert bracelet now! WHO KNOW!?!?

Here is the one I won:

You can check out all of her GORGEOUS products here! You can actually try to win one yourself over at "A Sweet Grace" today!

Thanks to others here in the DOC I have also been told about the CUTEST supply bags!! I REALLY want to get the owl one!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!? You HAVE to check out Stick Me Designs if you are anything like me and tend to lose your plain black bag and are tired of looking at it!

I LOVE jewelry. If you know anything about it, you would know it's my favorite thing to wear! When I found out about this gorgeous awareness line, where 100% of proceeds goes to JDRF I JUMPED at it!!

Not only is it gorgeous, it arrived SO quickly. I ordered it on Friday and I got it on Monday! I think these are great gift ideas too. You can order one for yourself or others by clicking here!

Here is what it looked like when I got it in the mail:

Also through the DOC I found this book called, "Smart Woman's Guide to Diabetes: Authentic Advice from Everything from Eating to Dating to Motherhood". I am SO excited to read it! I pre-ordered it because I feel like most books don't hit all the points about the struggles woman who have diabetes face.

I would love any other info about girly great products for people with diabetes! Please let me know!!!


(I did not receive compensation for posting this information. I purchased/won this items on my own and wanted to share with you all of you what I have found to be awesome!)