The DL
Wow! Hello blogging world!!!! I know...I has been forever since I've last written. Time for a massive update. You will then understand the lack of writing. I quit my job and I am now in LAW SCHOOL!!! You read right. I am loving law school for all of the crazy hard work it is, and I am learning so much. But before I went to law school, I went on the trip of a lifetime to Asia. Specifically, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. July 2012
It was so beautiful, and I had ZERO diabetes type problems! I was so happy. Three weeks and everything was fine.
Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, was literally the most beautiful place I've ever been before.
The countries were so beautiful, and the people were so wonderful. I really would love to go back again. Cambodia was my favorite country overall, with Vietnam a close second and Thailand was my least favorite, though still amazing.
Here I am on the island on Ko Samet, in Thailand. It was my favorite part of Thailand, along with seeing the elephants in Chang Mai.
November 2012 I walked, as usual, in the Walk to Cure Diabetes. At least the weather this year was much better, as it was sunny and not rainy. I didn't raise as much money as I did last year, but it was still a success. :) I also got two clubs that I am involved with at school to donate to my walk to cure diabetes team! Together alone they donated over $500! It was so great to have my law school's support. Sometimes it can be so lonely having type 1 diabetes, but then you remember all these wonderful people who are behind you.
One of things I I really like about the walk is that you can meet with all the companies that have new products out. I am considering switching to a dexcom sensor after meeting with them. Has anyone made the switch from Medtronic to Dexcom? Although, I saw that Medtronic is coming out with a new sensor when I did a video shoot for their website! I just really love having one device with all my information on it... December 2012
It was such a fancy day!! I was interviewed for Medtronic, and I was treated like a princess. I even was given hair and makeup! ooooo....
I had no idea it was such a big deal. A Representative from Medtronic called me saying they remembered me from my blog post I wrote for them and they wanted to interview me.
They gave me a tour of the headquarters, including showing me their museum, which included the first insulin pump!! How crazy is this?? It's so big!
It was so fun, and of course I will try to keep you all updated with where it will be posted or what not. LASTLY... I recently went wine tasting in Temecula and look to my surprise!!
Of course I gave them some money! How could I not???
Obviously it's gorgeous there, not to mention the wine wasn't bad either ;) Though, my blood sugar didn't like it too much...
I am sorry it has been so long my friends. I really want to write more often, as I have many more diabetes related stories to share. Please keep reading!!! I've missed you all!