The DL
You know those days you just want to throw the towel in on diabetes? Well...I hope you never feel that way...I also hope you don't have diabetes...but on another note.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS WAS MY word....UGH!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Much has changed in my diabetes care recently. I made the switch to the OmniPod and I have mixed reactions. I had seen the OmniPod a few years back, but I couldn't deal with how big it was. When the new smaller design came out I decided to give it a go. The idea of always having insulin, instead of "unplugging" for showers or swimming really appealed to me. The lack of tubes has been great, and I no longer fear door handles. I do have new fears now. At first, I couldn't get the pod to stick, much like my previous experiences with my Dexcom. IV Prep sucks and doesn't actually work, but Dexcom had recommended Skin Tac which has been a life saver. Thankfully that's not too much of an issue anymore. My skin still hates pretty much anything I put on it. Now that the pod sticks, I find it super itchy (same with my Dexcom)
Here is my pod with the embarrassing marks of my scratching. My dad and boyfriend keep saying I need to put cortisone cream on it, but I don't find that it helps. Here is additional proof my skin just doesn't hate still hates my Dexcom. I keep doing this to myself though because the information it provides is invaluable.
If anybody has any recommendations that isn't cortisone cream please let me know! Lastly, I've been having HUGE issues with the pods malfunctions. Today in my Evidence class, the pod/pdm made the worst noise EVER. High pitched and super awkward. Thankfully class was almost over. I hate when pods fail because you loose so much insulin! grrrr I then changed not one, not two, BUT THREE PODS that all had the same issue....the cannula didn't insert!!! GAH!!!!! This is seriously not something someone needs to deal with. Of course the next step is to call tech support...Omipod is FAMOUS for having HORRIBLE wait times. I will say I was on hold for 15 minutes, which to me, is pretty bad. Their website states they are aware of this problem due to the high demand of the product...I believe it's because they have a problem with hiring enough people to be able to handle all the failed pod calls. That's my rant for now.