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Even though I have made huge leaps in my diabetes care, I still have a few slip ups. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life and diabetes can slip a little.

This weekend was a great weekend! My brother and Great Aunt and Uncle were in town and we had a blast! Constantly swimming, great food and lots of laughs.

My mother's birthday is the 4th of July, so what more could you ask for??

I am embarrassed to admit it, but my care was not great this weekend for many reasons. It is obviously much easier to control what I eat when I'm at my own apartment or work, and not eating things I normally wouldn't. My sensor was giving me so much trouble and not being accurate so I just took it off for more fun swimming. I didn't take my victoza either because I wanted to enjoy all the fun and not feel full too soon. I wanted to be "normal" and join in on the holiday fun, but perhaps I had a bit too much fun...Maybe my pump was suspended for too long while enjoying the pool or maybe I was just so happy, I didn't want to think of anything negative...I know this infection isn't helping ANYTHING. This infection is being such an annoying bugger, he has kept my blood sugars up all day today too. Even after yoga! All of these many many factors lead to not good numbers.

Either way, diabetes was not on my side this weekend...

As I was driving home after the fantastic weekend, I noticed I was having trouble reading the freeway sings. They looked like this:

I was so mad at myself! I KNEW what that had meant...I was high. This is not a new thing to me, which is why I knew I was high. Every time I visit my eye doctor I say the only eye problems I ever have are when I am high I get blurry vision. And everytime he says the same thing, "That is totally fine and will go away, nothing to worry about".

Of course, in my head, I am thinking of all the damage I am doing...

Finally once I get home I test. After looking through my results for the day, I notice I had only tested ONCE before in that day. How could that happen? I swore I checked more...but alas I didn't. Once again, here comes diabetes anger and guilt.

How could I let myself get this high? How could let this entire weekend happen the way it did?

Do you get blurry vision with high blood sugars?

I am learning from this slip up. This weekend will be a lesson for me, that even if I change my diabetes care around, I need to maintain. Even if it's a holiday.

Diabetes doesn't take a day off, so I guess I can't either.
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  1. Valerie Says:

    My eyes get blurry...not always, but sometimes. I guess just embrace the anger and guilt, and then release it just as quickly! Slip ups will happen and we all have those moments where we just want to feel "normal" and not think about D every minute. I'm glad you had fun! Just think of it as a lesson, like you said :)

  2. Scully Says:

    Blurry eyes was my first noticeable symptom when I was diagnosed but I don't get them now. Unless I am super high for many days in a row.

    You had a fun weekend right? then try not to sweat the "slip ups". get back on track and don't worry about it. We've all been there. When the fun is far better than the responsibility. for sure.

  3. kim Says:

    that's my first clue to high BG's! i don't get thirsty or anything, my eyes just get blurry and a tad itchy.
    glad you had a great weekend, and don't beat yourself up about the mini-D-vacation. it's not like it's every weekend!

  4. We cannot be perfect diabetics all the time. We are human!
    I'm really glad you had fun. We make a mistake and get right back on the D horse. Try not to feel bad, you'll likely be in tighter control after the little break.

    I also get the blurry vision too, but not everytime I am high, only once in a while do I notice it.

  5. Bernard Says:

    I can get blurry vision, mostly it looks like a large bright spot in the center of my field of vision. I took my kids to a local fireworks display. Shortly after we parked the van I had a fairly severe low, even though I was carrying gatorade AND dex tablets I couldn't think enough to use them. I figured that out enough that my BG was normal when the ambulance arrived. Not the best July 4th night ever. :-(

  6. Melissa Says:

    Lauren - Sounds like you had a great holiday with your family and that is just as important! Living with diabetes isn't always perfect - sometimes you just have to focus on the living part.

  7. (((hugs))) Lauren, I so wish that Diabetes would take a day off for you and others living with the beast. I hate that you have to be on all of the time. We all need a break. I hope things worked out for you and you truly enjoyed forgetting for a little bit.

  8. Jonah Says:

    I do not get blurry vision from having high blood sugar for a short period of time. I did get blurry vision very gradually in the years leading up to my diagnosis. By the time I was diagnosed, my glasses prescription had to be changed because I'd gotten stronger and stronger prescriptions over the years... and I didn't need them. My blood sugar improved to about six prescriptions earlier. Yeagh.

    I do get really sensitive to light when my blood sugar is high (prior to diagnosis, I wore sunglasses and hats with brims most of the time) and everything seems sort of dim and I need more light when my blood sugar is low.

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