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Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised...

Very rare...but it happens!

I went to the dreaded CVS, where I know it will be a nightmare. (When is there EVER a good experience at CVS???)


I tell the pharmacist my name and she walks over to the rack of pills and other medications. This usually drives me nuts because the insulin is ALWAYS in the fridge, but I can't expect everyone to know that...

"It's not ready yet. You scheduled a later time for pick up."

"No...I said I'd be here in an hour at 3pm and it's now 8pm..."

"I'm sorry ma'am we have been busy. We can have it ready in 10 minutes."


30 minutes later....

(This is the good part I swear!!!!!)

She hands me THREE boxes of humalog!!

This is fantastic, because ever since I even used humalog I got two boxes. THREE!!?!?! For those who might not understand that means I don't have to go to CVS AS often. Having diabetes means I live inside the CVS. Literally. My address is CVS.


As I have the THREE boxes in my hands super excited hands, it's $20 LESS than before.


Maybe she messed up. Maybe it was because she felt bad she called me ma'am.

I AM NOT A MA'AM!!!!!! Since when does being in your early 20's make you a ma'am?!?!?!

Either way, I caught a little break.

Here's to all of you catching a little break every now and then as well.

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  1. Yeah for a positive pharmacy story! They should do more than call you ma'am. They should be sending birthday and Christmas cards for all of the time and mone spent there.

  2. Valerie Says:

    That's awesome! I HATE being called ma'am, especially when the women are older than me...that makes no sense!

  3. Shaina Says:

    I am actually a ma'am now and I still find it totally weird.

  4. YAY!!! I always feel like I won the lottery when something goes right at the pharmacy. Glad you got a deal!!! Ma'am does strike a nerve, wish they'd just say "Miss" or something. :)

  5. kim Says:

    Yay! I wish i could catch a break like that. hasn't happened for me in such a long time. it's like winning the lottery (sort of!)
    and ma'am?? seriously?? that's like what you would call someone my mother's age!!

  6. busymom Says:

    Yay, less CVS for a while! : ) And, um..I call everyone ma'am. But I live in the south. : ) So, maybe she's a transplant? Sometimes it's to "show" respect so you are less-mad? Maybe? heehee (Extra $20 to shop? Rox!) : )

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