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You don't have to tell me that diabetes always gets in the way. I know. I am full aware of how annoying it is.

Like how I was late to work yesterday because my pump needle didn't go in all the way and ended up gushing blood all over my work clothes


Like how I didn't get to sleep through the whole night because wearing a CGM is like having a new born baby when you're blood sugar is high waking you up every 5 minutes...PREDICTED HIGH...

Nah, I don't have to tell you that.

What I am wondering though, is how often does Diabetes come into play with decisions in your life?

Have you ever not done or done something because it was better for your diabetes?

Career decisions? Marriage decisions? Living alone vs not? Children vs not?

For myself, diabetes is always a thought...if I live alone and go low who would be there to help? If I have children, will they have diabetes too?

I know diabetes will always be a part of my life (until a cure anyway!) and will have to play in every decision, from weather I eat desert or if my night time reading consists of medical information...

How much is too much?? How little is too little??

On a less serious and much more fun note....

I am going with people from work tonight to see GLEE The 3D Concert!!!!

Everyone go see it!!!

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  1. Valerie Says:

    Diabetes is ALWAYS a factor..kind of annoying sometimes, but that's just the way it is! There have been many times where I didn't work out or stopped my workouts short. And also countless times where I didn't participate in eating certain types of food. Those are minor things though, I guess. Having D has definitely made me think twice about bigger the kind of person I want to marry and whether or not I will have kids.

    Anyway--have a great time seeing Glee! Love that show.

  2. Joanne Says:

    One thing our daughter's endo said to us about 6 months after Elise was dx'd really resonated with me. She asked us if we were going to have any more children. I told her that we weren't sure. When she asked if it was because of the diabetes, we admitted that it had a lot to do with it.

    She then told us to not let diabetes stop us from doing the things we wanted. We didn't want to look back and regret that we let diabetes dictate our life.

    After having our second child, I now know that I would rather have him, than not at all; even if there is a chance he could develop D.

  3. Scully Says:

    This hits pretty close to home.
    I just lost my other half and a lot of it was due to my depression as a result of diabetes. I think it effects our decisions. I REALLY want to have a child but now I am man'less'. I feel like I'm running out of time because I am diabetic and the later I wait, the more high risk it becomes.
    thanks for posting this :)

  4. It is truly hard to find the balance between controlling D and letting it 'control' you.
    Hope you enjoy the movie...totally want to go see it, too!!

  5. Daisy Says:

    Wow. I've never really contemplated this question properly. I suppose I do allow diabetes to make decisions for me sometimes, even if it is subconsciously. From now on, I will take a mental note of when such a situation arises. I'm sure it won't be long! Thanks for this post, Lauren :)

  6. Nikki Says:

    I think about all of that stuff, too. It's easy to worry about too much. Everything, really. I'm afraid to live alone b/c of t1. I'm cautious about moving into my next career for fear how a new employer will react to my diabetes needs. But in the end, it is what it is, right? We just have to stop worrying about the things we can't control and just try to focus on the good things in our lives!

  7. Misty Says:

    I think we did let D dictate much of our life (because it had to!) when Ally was first diagnosed. I still believe that it is taken into consideration for many many of our decisions. I hope that we don't let it make our decisions, but we cannot ignore it. Hope Glee was awesome!

  8. Meghan Says:

    I don't think diabetes has played an important part in ANY decisions. I just make sure I bring what I need and do what I need to stay safe. However, I will admit that I avoid hottubs because of the omnipod. Don't want to boil my insulin and waste it :(

  9. Meagan Says:

    Sadly, I do think about D when making almost every big decision. I have passed on jobs before. I was told by the Chief of police to apply as a police officer when I worked as a 911 dispatcher and didn't, because I'd just had some scary health issues related to D and was not at all ready. I don't regret it, but I do often wonder...where would I be without D?

    Hope you enjoyed Glee, I know my son would LOVE to see it! :)

  10. kim Says:

    to be honest, i don't think i have ever consciously, let Diabetes, make a decision for me. i have gotten married, i have 3 children, i have worked at what i wanted, and i have travelled. i do have complications because of some of my decisions, but i will live with that. because i am ALIVE!! i figure if i look after myself, i can anything I decide to do!

  11. Wendy Says:

    D decided where we would live -- because we needed access to a better health insurance plan.

    It decided where we would live -- because we needed access to a school nurse.

    It decided which neighborhood we would choose -- because we need to be able to pay for supplies and can't have a higher mortgage.

    It decides if we get to go on a date.

    Definitely a factor.

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