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Sometimes dealing with diabetes can be ugly and tough. But other times, it can be lessened by adding some color into it :)

First off, in a recent give away, I won a Lauren's Hope Giveaway Bracelet!

I LOVE IT!!! I wear it everyday and the colors are so fun. I actually enjoy wearing a medic alert bracelet now! WHO KNOW!?!?

Here is the one I won:

You can check out all of her GORGEOUS products here! You can actually try to win one yourself over at "A Sweet Grace" today!

Thanks to others here in the DOC I have also been told about the CUTEST supply bags!! I REALLY want to get the owl one!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!? You HAVE to check out Stick Me Designs if you are anything like me and tend to lose your plain black bag and are tired of looking at it!

I LOVE jewelry. If you know anything about it, you would know it's my favorite thing to wear! When I found out about this gorgeous awareness line, where 100% of proceeds goes to JDRF I JUMPED at it!!

Not only is it gorgeous, it arrived SO quickly. I ordered it on Friday and I got it on Monday! I think these are great gift ideas too. You can order one for yourself or others by clicking here!

Here is what it looked like when I got it in the mail:

Also through the DOC I found this book called, "Smart Woman's Guide to Diabetes: Authentic Advice from Everything from Eating to Dating to Motherhood". I am SO excited to read it! I pre-ordered it because I feel like most books don't hit all the points about the struggles woman who have diabetes face.

I would love any other info about girly great products for people with diabetes! Please let me know!!!


(I did not receive compensation for posting this information. I purchased/won this items on my own and wanted to share with you all of you what I have found to be awesome!)
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  1. Daisy Says:

    Oooooh :) I love both of your new bracelets, Lauren! Very pretty! That book sounds really good too. Will look into all of these. Thank you!

  2. Meagan Says:

    Very cool items! I know I reallllly should be wearing a Medical I.D. of some sort. I accidently threw my last one into the washing machine and the chain snapped...oops! Thanks for the heads up, the book looks very interesting too!

  3. I am so THRILLED you are happy with the necklace! Yay!

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