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Hello DOC!

Life sure has been crazy. I know it's been a while since my last update, but life gets in the way like that sometimes! This weekend was very relaxing though, filled with reading and family. Now I just have to catch up on life and get myself back to the gym. On an annoying note, my blood sugars are REALLY raising in my sleep. Went to bed a lovely 115, and woke up at 315. Awesome. Changed my basal rate after this trend has been happening for the past week, so I'll let you know how that worked out for me. Moving on...

It seems like the next couple of weeks are FULL of diabetes activities!

1. Volunteering for the Los Angeles, JDRF gala (a couple of months ago I volunteered for the Orange County one). The LA one is MUCH larger and I am excited about that! The one in Orange County has always been beautiful, but I felt that since my life is mostly in LA I need to transition as much as possible to this diabetic community. Since my parents live down there and I grew up there, I will always feel connected, but that connection I feel may keep me from trying new opportunities and meeting other diabetics who live much closer to me. Sometimes when I volunteer for larger things, it seems my time isn't as appreciated as there usually isn't much to do since they have so many other volunteers, so I am a little nervous about that. We will see! I am sure it will be amazing and I will meet amazing people! And hopefully when I make the B$G Bucks (LOL) I will get to be a guest :) (Their ticket prices are MUCH higher than Orange County's as well)

2. UCLA Division of Endocrinology invited me to a "Directions in Diabetes" luncheon. I can't decide if it's OK to take off of work for it though. Obviously this is a great opportunity once again to meet people and educate myself, but it's two hours long meaning I would need to take 3 hours off of work...(with driving time etc.)The luncheon would include tours of the Islet Research Center and the diabetes center and they are discussing research updates. What do you guys think? Does this sound more for people who should be donating money to them? hmmm...

3. A Day of Hope and Health- An event at UCI that is for families and individuals affected by Type 1. Dr. Susan Guzman, PhD, Director of Clinical Services at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute will give a keynote address about the psycho-social and emotional effects of type 1 diabetes. They will also have a presentation about current type 1 diabetes research. There will also be a lunch and fun activities at boomers! I hope it's not just a bunch of little kids though...not that I have a problem with kids, it just seems that most Type 1 events are geared toward kids. In my head I keep thinking-YOU KNOW THOSE KIDS GROW UP? (AKA ME!) WHICH LEADS ME TO...

4. "Living With Diabetes in the Work Place" at JDRF office in LA. First off, I LOVE that this means no kids. Once again, I LOVE children, but sometimes as an adult type 1, I feel shafted. They are having a Special Guest Speaker, Mr. Donald Meccia. He is going to share his history of being a Type 1 Diabetic for nearly 30 years in the workplace. He’ll discuss his Type 1 diagnosis, and the emotional and physical roller coaster he rode for many years. Which is SO AMAZING because I really would benefit from hearing his story. As I am sure the other there would as well.

5. A family friend of mine is actually hosting their own fundraiser for JDRF at their home as well. (And by home I mean giant mansion)I am really excited about it! They are having an a silent and live action, yet the dress is casual...It's a little pricey, (obviously a good cause), but there is going to be a "surprise band" as well!! so I will let you all know who it was!

What activities do you all go to? Are they fun? Worth while? Lame?

As I usually end my posts on a random note:

I saw this car and I thought to myself, this is the equivalent to the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back.

I expanded my garden!! I have added mini strawberries, mini tomatoes, and mini green peppers! (I already had basil, a flower and a "tree"). This time I put what was growing in each pot underneath so I could see which one was which! Live and learn. As you can see, nothing yet from my third plant (whatever it is...) I STILL HAVE FAITH THOUGH!
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