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For some reason, I can't get complications out of my head today.

I think it has to do with the fact that even though I increased by basal last night, i managed to wake up high AGAIN. Last night I worked out right before bed, and finished up with a BS of 70. Drinking a little orange juice I thought would hold me over for the night. Well woke up this morning at 225. UGH. I know I will all say do a 3am check. FINE. I WILL. Happy?!?!?

It can be so consuming when I think about complications. Being a statistic is one of my worst fears. I have had a smooth 7 years to say the least, but what if one day I wake up and can't see? Or lost all feeling in my toes? These ideas drive me crazy and deep into depression. Trying to snap myself out of it can be really hard. Questioning if a life is worth living with complications. When do I wake up from this dream? Doesn't everyone say this stuff doesn't happen to them?

Only having diabetes for 7 years seems so little compared to the anniversaries I have been reading about lately, 25 years, 30 years, I still "protected" because it hasn't been long enough? I have never been in DKA or fainted (knock on some serious wood!) But unfortunately, I have never had a good A1C. As mentioned before, my lowest was 8.6%. Not something I am proud of. I actually am very embarrassed to post that. I am REALLY trying to get that number down. My meter shows the average for the past 30, 15, and 7 days and it is very clearly going down. Trying every day is improve from yesterday seems to be the daily task.

What are some tips you all can give me? As I preach on here, education is key. Are there any tips our there besides test more? Exercise more? Less carbs?

It seems not only are my blood sugars on a roller coaster, but as are my emotions.

I don't know if I ever told you all this, but I love diabetes literature. As you can see by some of posts, I really enjoy reading about other diabetics and their struggles and success. That actually would explain why I love reading all of your blogs...

Right now I am reading, "The Sugarless Plum".

It's about a dancer who struggled with her diagnosis of having type 1. I can really relate since I danced growing up, and I love ballet, but I think every diabetic should read her story. Just as with the DOC we need to support out authors as well!

Just a side note, I don't tend to read one book at a time. My mood dictates a lot of what I read, when I feeling inspired I work on reading this book, Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. So far it has inspired me to eat less carbs and I do notice a difference. I don't know about eliminating ALL carbs, but his proof of success is amazing. Anyone out there read this book?

I always welcome recommendations of new diabetes books or stories, so please send those my way!

Thank you for reading my woes and thoughts and concerns. The DOC community is the best! Why has no one ever mentioned that Doc from Snow White could also be our mascot?

OR Doc from Back to the Future!!

Oh what was that Doc? In the future there is a cure? Oh good, that's what I thought I heard.
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  1. Valerie Says:

    Thanks for the book recommendations! I did a post today about my a1c and I was embarrassed in posting my a1c from last visit...thankfully it went down this visit, but it used to be much lower, so complications have been on my mind as well. I've thought about keeping a food diary because I know a lot of little things can add up, and I know that protein and fat can make a difference in readings. Exercise definitely helps! I notice a big difference when I am less active. I think keeping a log of blood sugars is good too if you're wanting to figure out ratios and improve numbers.

  2. alissa Says:

    I've done a review of the Diabetes Solution on my youtube channel (notjustapples) - i love it!

    also, i think the best way to stop worrying about complications is to accept that you are doing (and so so) the best you can to look after yourself! and also, most complications are treatable and progress slowly too - so don't let it terrify you.

    i've noticed a big difference when i exercise more and eat fewer carbs, and also when i'm in a routine that helps too.

  3. April Says:

    I'm also reading the Diabetes Solution book. Like you I don't think I can cut out all carbs!!!! I guess I'm a carb addict like he talks about in the book!

    Take care!


  4. Me Says:

    As someone who has dealt with retinopathy I have to say, you likely will not wake up blind. Ditto with neuropathy. So keep that in mind. :)

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