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Today was a big day in the life of someone with the big, "D".

This morning, I woke up and for whatever reason looked down at my dried fingers, and I noticed all the holes in my fingers. I tried to capture a good picture of them, but as I look at the tiny holes, I wonder how many I have ever created and how many more I will...

As my day went on as usual, I noticed my pump kept getting disconnected. It's odd because I was so scared for putting my site on my leg, but due to the DOC loving it...I thought I'd give it a try! It really has been a new favorite or mine, until today..

Every time I would move my pants, or go the bathroom etc. I noticed I tugged pretty hard on the pump chord. Ouch!! I just decided to go about my day...

Right after work, I hit 45. Looks like my pump was working too well :) so I ate some dinner, but as I changed into my "comfy" clothes, I noticed my pump was disconnected AGAIN!! Fantastic! How long has that been like that! I look down and I see red...

I test immediately, and 439 pops up. GREAT. Time to change the site after seeing the red and I think that this red business I am sure isn't helping my 439. After taking out the site, I see it has blood all inside the tubing.

Does anyone have any experience with this blood? Does it make a difference? Would I have been ok if I left it?

As for now, better safe than sorry. The moral of today's story, is Lauren needs to put her CGM back on. UGH.
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  1. Jasmine Says:

    How funny: I *just* put my pump in my leg for the first time ever last night! I'm doing it as practice for a friend's wedding where I'm a bridesmaid and I think my site will be uncomfortable with the undergarments I'll be wearing.

    After reading this, I'll be veeeeeery careful with all on-off motions with the pants.

  2. Faith Says:

    It really depends on that the BGs are telling me as far as whether or not I take a bloody site out. If they're fine, I leave it, and most of the time, they are.

    I hope you have better luck with the leg sites! That's my favorite place to put them! :)

  3. Emma Says:

    I think that made my knees go a little weak! Hope you're having better luck now :)

  4. Courtney Says:

    I have had blood leak all the way into the tubing before - in fact, the site I changed last night looked just like your picture. I always take it out if it's bleeding. Seems like it wouldn't do that if there wasn't something wrong...right?

  5. With Bean's pod, we usually get some pretty wonky numbers if there's blood in the cannula. It's rare and it's usually towards the end of the life of the pod and when she's been really active with it.
    Stinks that your leg site didn't go so well!

  6. HVS Says:

    With both traditional pumping and the pod, I never changed for blood in the cannula unless the blood sugars were really off.Oddly enough,sometimes it even seemed to work better(before eventually soaring into the stratosphere).But I suppose that the best course of action would be to change it(ASAP)to minimize nasty scar tissue buildup.
    (also,thanks for the blog comment..your blog has an excellent design/layout!its really cute)

  7. meredith Says:

    i'm so impressed - i have never tried a leg site! someday, i will work up the courage ... maybe ;)

  8. busymom Says:

    We've never tried a daughter says No! But I'd say blood in the cannula is not good. If it's backwashing (not technical term! heehee), you have to push more insulin to get it to your interstitial fluid to absorb, so I pull it if there's blood. You could try raising a temp basal though?
    Sorry about the leg site..I'd try it again though! : ) hmm..would skirts or dresses help on leg site days? just a thought!

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