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Dear Perez,

I know you take great care to be sensitive on your blog now, compared to the past, but I found your article, "Diabetes DOUBLES Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer's Disease" to be very insensitive to the diabetes community. You are attributing to the many misconceptions there are known about diabetes. Although, I do appreciate your blog dedicated to health, I would hope you would be very careful with the syntax you use, considering you have so many readers and what you say has a powerful affect.

I am frequent visitor of your blog, and I was very sadden to find the article, "Diabetes DOUBLES Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer's Disease". The reason I found it upsetting was you failed to mention which type of diabetes. As a person who has Type 1 diabetes, I am faced with many challenges due to people being uneducated in the differences with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. I hope you can please edit your article to specify Type 2 Diabetes because you cannot prevent Type 1 Diabetes. It is an auto-immune disease that is not reversible.

In the article, I notice in the quote the word Type 2 diabetes is used, but no where else. I urge you to please make the appropriate changes in an effort to better educate your reader and avoid any further misconceptions.

Thank you very much,


Diabetes DOUBLES Your Risk Of Developing Alzheimer's Disease

Oh no! More bad news for those with diabetes and one more reason to take steps to prevent it in the first place!

A study in Japan of more than 1,000 men and women over the age of 60 concluded that people with diabetes were TWICE as likely as others in the study to develop Alzheimer's disease within 15 years.

They were also 1.75 times more likely to develop dementia of any kind.

It is not clear yet how diabetes affects the development of Alzheimer's, but researchers have a few hypotheses. According to sources, possible links between the two diseases include:

Insulin resistance, which causes high blood sugar and in some cases leads to type 2 diabetes, may interfere with the body's ability to break down a protein (amyloid) that forms brain plaques that have been linked to Alzheimer's. High blood sugar (glucose) also produces certain oxygen-containing molecules that can damage cells, in a process known as oxidative stress.

Additionally, high blood sugar and cholesterol can lead to the hardening and narrowing of arteries in the brain, which may cause vascular dementia.

There seems to be more and more research coming out that should only encourage people to get moving! It's one thing to have diabetes, but it's another to lose your mind!

Click here for 5 tips to prevent the development of diabetes!

I urge you all to email him as well and let him know how you feel about this article as well!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Perez Hilton is very sensitive to the Type 1 community and reamed Halle Berrie on his blog when she claimed to have weaned herself off insulin and transformed herself from a Type 1 into a Type 2 diabetic. Not sure if the Alzheimer's risk is the same for Type 1s but it may be. Type 1s have a huge risk for heart disease and other complications.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You'd think she was just trying to help recognize the type 1 community as separate from type 2 to spare people the feeling of being looked over or clumped into a completely different disease and not eliciting pathetically over-defensive, anonymous comments. You know who else has a huge risk for heart disease and "other complications"? Fat slob internet gossipers who look like Rainbow Bright's unshaven cunt on a unicorn crap.
    Fuck you, anonymous.

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