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I finally decided to participate in the Walk To Cure Diabetes in Orange County. Ultimately, my team is my family and they are down there. So here is the letter sent to everyone:

This year, on November 6, 2011 at UCI, I'll be taking part in JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes, along with one-half million other walkers across the country, as we try to reach our goal of raising $89 million.

Type 1, or juvenile diabetes, is a devastating disease that affects millions of people, a large and growing percentage of them children.

As you may or may not know, I have Type 1 Diabetes. I was diagnosed when I was 15 years old. Sometimes, it can be scary thinking about the future, but there is some good news.

JDRF is our best hope for finding a cure. It funds more type 1 diabetes research than any other charity worldwide and it's making progress along many promising paths toward better treatments and a cure.

Now, more than ever, you can make a crucial difference. I would love for you to join me and walk, but if you can't won't you please give to JDRF as generously as possible? Together, we can make the cure a reality!

The picture above is me at diagnosis. The fear I was feeling is hidden well behind that smile. I was so scared, but now thanks to blog, I am a happy healthy young adult.

Thank you DOC!!! Anyone who could help, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Here is my personal page:
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  1. Good luck with your fundraising!!!

    Our Walk is on 11/5, and we're about to start our fundraising campaign, too.

    I love that the DOC is a part of your happiness. :)

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