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Sometimes when I read about diabetes in the news, I get so upset that I want to scream. Then I remember, that I really can do things about this.

We can spread the word about how ridiculous it is that:

Diabetic Walgreens clerk fired for eating chips
Associated Press, 09.09.11, 02:39 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO -- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing the Walgreens drugstore chain on behalf of a diabetic clerk in South San Francisco who was fired for taking a bag of chips to stabilize her blood sugar levels.

The commission alleged in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday that Walgreens' decision to terminate Josefina Hernandez after her nearly 18 years of unblemished service to the company constituted discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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According to the suit, Hernandez was working as a cashier in September 2008 when she felt an attack of hypoglycemia coming on. She grabbed a bag of chips, gobbled them down and paid for them as soon as she could the same day.

Walgreens declined to comment.

It sure it interesting that they did not comment...

Would they have had a worse case on their hands if this person had died on the job due to the low?

Why must everything be harder for people with diabetes. Hopefully this perosn is given justice and then some!
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  1. This is SO wrong!!! I'm glad the EEOC is on it, but still... Ugh!!!

  2. Scully Says:

    That's just plain stupid. i'm sure all diabetics would agree.
    thanks for sharing.
    btw, i loved the "...felt an attack of hypoglycemia.." sweet. I'm going to call them "attacks" too. then I'm going to "gobble" something. :)

  3. Brian Says:

    The most interesting part I found was the comment of "nearly 18 years of unblemished service". If I got fired for times of hypo attacks, I would have lost almost every single job I ever had.

  4. Meagan Says:

    Great that you spread the word. Sure Walgreens will be hearing from the DOC on this one! Goodness gracious when will companies "get it" already???

  5. kim Says:

    if you are a Diabetic, working in a pharmacy, with many types of candy, including skittles, as well as Dextabs, why choose a bag of chips???

    just asking.

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