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People often say to enjoy the little things in life. Well, sometimes when you have diabetes, you can really learn to appreciate the strangest/littlest/weirdest things!

Little Joys In the Life of a Type 1

1. THE ULTIMATE-When your pump has FULL battery, FULL reservoir, put in perfectly (without pain or not actually inserted business) FULL tub of test strips, perfect functioning insulin, and ready to rock and roll for the next three days. THIS IS THE BEST

2. I LOVE picking up all my prescriptions as once. I feel so accomplished and ready to attack.

3. When the pharmacy doesn't mess up my prescriptions!

4. Looking at the meter and seeing a glorious number (i.e. 93)

5. When there are dessert options made with Splenda!

6. Seeing other people's tubes hanging out of their pockets

7. Going to a diabetes fundraiser-the energy is AMAZING and SO SUPPORTIVE.

8. When flu shots are limited, we get first dibs :)

9. We can bring juice boxes on airplanes!

10. I like being educated on the human body. I always wished I could be a doctor, but I was never a science person. Now I know WAY more than I actually thought I would!

11. I LOVE getting blood work results back. CALL ME CRAZY I know. But something about looking at exactly what is/was going on in my body in the form of numbers on papers is fascinating!

12. We can have more control on our destines than other diseases.

13. I can tell you how many carbs are in something from a mile away.

14. There is an awesome DOC that is there to help you every step of the way :)

What are your simple diabetes joys??
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Whenever I see someone wearing a pump i always smile and want to engage with them! I swear, there must be a community of NY diabetics who have me on alert. Maybe they think i have a pump fetish...

  2. Mike Says:

    I love when my bgl is EXACTLY 100. I yell like I got all 7s on a slot machine. Winner winner! :)

    Nice post.

  3. The DL Says:

    Andy, I always wonder if people have the tubes hang out on purpose, perhaps like a secret handshake. Unfortunately, I have had too many tubes get caught up in too many dornobs to know that is not the case lol

    Mike, 100 is a great number!! Before dinner tonight I was 123 and I thought WOW that is hilarious! lol.

  4. Karen G Says:

    Thanks so much for the DBlog Week shout-out, I'm so glad you signed up!!

    Love your list of Good Things. How about when you make it all the way through a long walk with a friend without having to stop and eat glucose tabs!! :)

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