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The 1’s is a group for all adults with Type 1 Diabetes, coming together to socialize, share experiences and support each other! Please join us at the JDRF office in downtown Los Angeles to discuss our next hot topic!

The 1’s Group Discussion Event:
Living with Diabetes in the Workplace, a Personal and Financial Perspective The 1’s Group Discussion (with Guest Speaker) Please RSVP to this event. We will have pre-paid valet/garage parking available. Beverages will be provided as well as nuts and candy to keep blood sugars in check.

Date: Thursday, May 19
Event Time: 7:30pm.
A Support Group for Adults Living with Type 1 Diabetes JDRF Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Living with Diabetes in the Workplace”

Don will share his history of being a Type 1 Diabetic for nearly 30 years in the workplace. He’ll discuss his Type 1 diagnosis, and the emotional and physical roller coaster he rode for many years.

His stories of suffering through “disease denial”, poor day-to-day management and hardships, including a fatalistic resignation at that time, are powerful.

Don will furthermore give advice on being the best you can be with Type 1 at work, particularly how to handle announcing your disease to co-workers, time management to avoid emergency situations, and preparing for the long-term costs of diabetes.
Our group discussion will be dynamic!

I have always felt JDRF focused on children and never really gave any special attention to adult Type 1's. When I found this group on facebook I got really excited!

Since I am in the work force I thought this would be a great talk to go to....

WHOA. I was wrong.

This speaker was the most depressing speaker I have ever heard. He made me so angry I wanted to throw him into therapy for all of his issues.

Let me actually start off by saying I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech. Everyone is allowed their own beliefs and can speak their minds.

What I don't believe in is changing your speech after you already have one speech approved and turning a conversation that was supposed to be about the "work force" into a conversation about politics and religion.

He spoke how it was wrong of Obama to have lifted the ban on federal funds for research in stem cells. (See quote for details)

USA Today
Obama keeps science, medical ethicists hopping
Today, Obama lifted the Bush administration ban on federal funds for research using newly created embryonic stem cell lines, eliminating what he called "a false choice between sound science and moral values." He also called for strict guidelines to prevent "misuse or abuse," including an absolute ban on cloning for human reproduction.

Another point of his was that by using stem cells research we are like the Nazi's who killed for "perfection".

He also mentioned that weed will make you go blind, that having diabetes is a handicap, and life with diabetes sucks and you shouldn't just choose whatever career you want because some jobs are more stressful than others...says the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management guy....


I just think his speech was inappropriate. I was hoping to leave the discussion with more information about how to handle diabetes in the work force since that's what was advertised, or perhaps learn tips about diabetes management while in the office.

Instead I learned how G-d wanted me to be less than perfect.

After the speaker had left the ten or so of us decided to cross the street and head to this really cool bar called, "The Standard" to discuss his speech. The bar had gorgeous views and it gave us a really nice casual setting to discuss the speaker and other diabetes issues. (see below)

That part of the night made up for everything before. It was PURE HEAVEN to just sit and chat with other diabetes. Talking about what medicines we've tried, or clinical trials, to insurance companies, to how to decide to tell people we have diabetes. It was just SUCH an awesome night.

There is something magical about just talking, checking your blood sugar, and knowing that all of you had something in common that is very rare. It felt so awesome to not be the odd man out.

Even if the speaker wasn't my cup of tea, I will still go to other events with the adult T1's because they are awesome.


I haven't posted about my garden recently!!

It is really coming along. My basil has grown like mad and I have added a few plants too. The big silver tins are apple trees! So stay tuned!!!

That big green one is the basil!

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  1. Daisy Says:

    Oh dear. Indeed, therapy sounds appropriate for him. Sounds like he would have annoyed me too.

    On the plus side, it's good that you got to chat with other diabetics and, by the way, your plants are looking very healthy! Mmmm, I love basil :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I love you! What was that crazy man thinking? Your garden is so cool

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