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How do you all like my new logo? I personally love it! :)

Blog week was awesome although it feels weird today to write without a prompt....

This past weekend I went to a JDRF Gala that was actually put on by my parents friends at their house! They put the whole thing together in four weeks. It really showed me that we each can put something amazing together and we all can do something to help. A lot of amazing companies donated auction items and overall it was a success.

I found myself mostly talking to the volunteers because they tend to be the people who are actually affected by diabetes. I spoke to one mother of a T1 and she was so amazing. Her son just turned 18 and she was scared about him going off to college. I got to tell her my stories and she told me hers. It truly was the highlight of the night for me.

Half way through the event I realized I didn't take any pictures for you guys! So I snapped a few ugly photos with my phone...but I hope you can get the idea!

It really has inspired me and now my brain is turning and thinking about how I could put one together as well...

Does anyone have any tips for me for a successful fundraiser? Maybe I could do it around my JDRF Walk and raise the money for my team? Has anyone else ever done one before?
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  1. Joanne Says:

    Love the new logo! And how cool about the gala. Sorry, no fundraising tips... that's my husband's department!

  2. Reyna Says:

    I am guessing Bridget and Joe's can idea is out? :) I have heard of people doing "zumbathons" for a CURE...charge $15.00 a head and raffle of some stuff that you can get donated. I am assuming you can do any type of "-athon". What are you passionate about? Good luck. The logo is WAY cool.

  3. The JDRF Gala sounded like fun! Hope your fudraising goes well, I put the word out (by mouth since they didn't allow putting up memos) about Tour de Cure at my job last summer, some people surprised me by donating. Good luck, try Facebook helped me during Step Out. P.S. I MISS the writing prompts too!!!!! :)

  4. Julie Mansfield Says:

    Hi Lauren...You put me in your blog, YAY! It was such a pleasure meeting you and talking with you was definitely the highlight for me too! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your stories and insight are inspiring.

    Thank you so much for spending so much of your Saturday evening at the gala talking with me. Being so open and honest with me really made me feel much better about sending Robby off to college in the fall.

    I am looking forward to reading your posts. As well as any tips for sending Robby off to college as a Type 1.

    Take Care, Julie

  5. Jasmine Says:

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!

    Love the logo, and it sounds like the JDRF gala was an excellent experience. I've thought about doing more with my local chapter, and this was a really good read to help encourage that.

  6. Please thank your parents for me. I know how how much effort and time went into creating their gala, and I so appreciate it. :) We've hosted events centered around our Walk, but they've been kids' activities.

    New logo is great!

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