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Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the million other things that are on my mind...

but I feel bleh.

I haven't been to the gym in a while. Now I know how the rest of the world feels about the weather. It has been rainy and cloudy here lately and (sorry everyone else who doesn't live in southern California) but I am used to sun and beautiful weather. It's almost summer and I am craving some sun here people!

Traveling is something I love to do so much. I believe it is one of the purposes of life; to see how others live. Summer is naturally the time I want to travel since that is when I used to take all kinds of trips with my family. How about I go here?

OK good. I just want to get away from this rain and blahness....

Something very strange happened to me today. I was complaining to my friend at work about how I was tired, which was odd since I slept a good amount-and she lovingly asked me, "Is your blood sugar low?" hmmmm that's weird, I thought to myself. My sensor died about an hour earlier (awesome) and since I am at work, I don't have my other sensors, (oh yeah I forgot to mention I forgot to take my Victoza today-another awesome) MOVING ON...SO I checked myself just because and I was 71.

Usually I feel a little shaky around could I be 71 and not notice? Is it because I am tired? Are these 7 years just creeping up and I can't feel it as much? Obviously it's not TOO low, but still...what gives???
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  1. April Says:

    I know - I sometimes don't feel my lows anymore and that scares me!

    Mine today has been weird staying in the 200's - only had breakfast and nothing else and even worked in yard for about 3 hours and stayed in the 200's - weird!!

  2. kim Says:

    i have been diabetic for 36yrs and i very rarely, if ever feel low. funny though, cause the past 3 times, feeling tired at weird times of the day, has been my only sypmtom, and when i tested ~ yup low ~ 3.0 mmol's (or about 54 for those in the US) skittles are becoming my new friend! taste much better than dex4!! LOL!!

  3. Mine was 71 last night, and I also had no idea...actually I thought I might be on the high side, thank goodness I tested. Usually I feel it too.

  4. Reyna Says:

    A little eh-y here lately too. 5 days in a row of rain...and darkness...and the workout thing is sidelined for a bit. I so get this post...sans the 71.


  5. Kate Says:

    On the weather side....does it make you feel any better that it snowed here? I'm looking at 2" of snow outside my window. Talk about bleh.

  6. Courtney Says:

    I'm with you! Stress kept me between 150-200 Monday and Tuesday, and rebounding from the stress or all the built-up extra insulin, I've been low yesterday and today but haven't noticed until I'm low low. Woke up at 55. Must be something in air!

  7. The weather definitely affects me. Here's to sunshine and feeling better!

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