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I hate when our bodies get used to something.

For example,


When you start to exercise you see immediate results. But, if you want those continued results you have to work harder and trick your body so you get better results.

Isn't it ironic that food works the opposite?!?! GRRR


I have been SO happy with this medicine...but I am getting used to it. My numbers have been fabulous until recently. I will call my endo to increase the dose, but it seems like, at what point do you have to increase it to? My numbers are still MUCH better than what they were before, but not as fantastic as they were when I first started. (BTW THIS PRODUCT IS NOT APPROVE FOR T1 I AM TAKING THIS ON MY RISK THROUGH THE HELP OF MY ENDO AND I AM PRESCRIBED IT)

Good People in Our lives

We tend to stop appreciating people in our lives or the things they do until they are gone, or no longer do what they do. Let's remind ourselves to say thank you to friends and loved ones.

I am sure there are other examples...

Have you ever noticed that when you get kinda down, your blood sugar suffers? Or is it the other way around...hmmm



I really needed this day off. My boyfriend and I have a list of movies we want to see and places we want to go!

What I am most excited for is going to Malibu. The ocean is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It makes me feel like all my problems are so small and really brings me back down to earth.

Looking forward to this

Speaking of the an upcoming post I am going to interview him about what it's like to be dating someone with Type 1 diabetes. Do any of you out there have questions you would like me to ask him?

Have a safe and beautiful Memorial Day!
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  1. Shaina S. Says:

    In France the Hangover movies are called "Very Bad Trip" and "Very Bad Trip 2." Thought that was kind of funny. : )

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