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I was inspired by Randomly CapitalizeD latest blog.

"Heck, even I’ve proclaimed this. But at times I am just not so tough. Many seem to think, even believe, that living with a chronic condition “makes” you tough. I hear tough and think fists or hardened. Neither do I like."

I will never forget sitting in the hospital bed crying with brother when I was diagnosed. I hadn't shed one tear until my brother sat down on my bed and said to me, "You are so strong, I could never do what have to do". I kept thinking to myself, no-I can't do this. All I wanted to do was give up, take it as a sign that I wasn't supposed to live. Why is it, the minute someone gave me a "complement" that I decide to break down? Why do I hate that word so much? Because I feel I am not that way? Or do I feel that people maybe think, "Oh look! See! She's OK! She doesn't need a cute! She doesn't have a hard time everyday! She is used to needles!"

Reading about people like, Ernest Sterzer makes me feel not strong. I didn't do anything spectacular.

Am I strong? I don't know. Generally, I bet most people rise to life threatening challenges. Otherwise, what are your options?

Does the word bother you? Are there other words that drive you nuts?

On a side note, as I usually do, this is hilarious! All about funny misspellings and responses on Facebook!
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