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One of the scariest part of diabetes are complications. That's why going to the Eye doctor can be scary, because no one wants to hear what they have to say, unless it's "You're perfect!"

This morning was my once a year eye exam, and let me start by saying before diabetes (and thankfully now too!) I have had perfect version! Last year, I was told I had a "spot" on my left eye to watch out for. UMMMMMM what?? What's a spot?? No one would tell me, all they kept saying (last year) was let's check again in a year and see what happens.

We did all the normal tests, like this:

Where you can't tell the difference between 1 and 2 because they both look fine.

And this one:

Where you can't blink...and all those other test.

The worst one though, is the field of vision test. I HATE THIS TEST. The one where you stick your head into a white ball and click when you see a white dot. Half the time I'm wondering if it's a white dot or my life flashing before me.


My eye doctor is a long time family friend, and when I walked in I didn't see him or hear him. Only did I find out that he is on vacation. GREAT. So I paid my $40 for half the tests??? Hmmmm seems odd to me. I have to go back in about a month when he gets back so I can get the results and do more lovely tests.

All in all, I received no new information this visit. GRRRR

And I woke up late. Got lost on the way there, was so stressed blood sugar went up to 219, even though I didn't eat anything...and the lovely questions when I first got there, "What was your blood sugar this morning?"

Ugh it was good before I got here....

Eye doctor...helpful or not?

To be continued....
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  1. Meghann Says:

    I absolutely do not love going to any doctor, honestly! Can't stand em... once they are over with I feel so relieved.
    I have been putting off an eye appointment for over a year now...oops!

  2. Reyna Says:

    Grrrrrrrrr...sounds like a stressful morning and LAME that you only got 1/2 of it done AND that you got no new info.

  3. Meagan Says:

    They should have told you before you came in that the doc was on vacation, UGH! Sorry you have no new info, try not to stress over it. Thanks for the reminder...I need to see my eye docs!!! I have a host of issues non-D related so the poss of something D coming up makes me freak out. :/

  4. Hate appointments like that!
    Had a dentist appointment similar once...did the cleaning, but the dentist had gone home for the day and I had to come back for him to 'evaluate' my teeth! Needless to say I've switched dentists!! :)

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