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I have been so much better about my care, but one thing seems to always get in the way...


Having work keeps me on schedule and it's easy to check my blood sugar and monitor what I eat because I am sitting at a desk all day and I bring my lunch. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE weekends, it always seems to bring on the highs.

Whether I am on the run, or doing a million things, it's never as easy as during the week. Obviously I am going out more, which never helps, but how can I control my weekends better? Another question that brings up though is, do I need two days were I am more relaxed for my mental state? Is two too many?

How do you maintain a schedule when weekends should be about freedom?

If I am really going to get my A1C down, I know I have to crack down on my weekend control.

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  1. Alyssa Says:

    Try to stock your house with travel-friendly easy snacks. For example, I rarely ever leave the house without an apple in my purse, but I also have 100 calorie pack yogurts that I can take along with me. That way, when you go out, you're less likely to snack on things that you shouldn't be eating; especially when you're thinking about the yogurt that will spoil if you don't eat it soon or the apple that will get all bruised because it's being attacked by everything in there.

    Also, find "treats" that aren't so terrible for your sugars. I eat whole wheat pancakes (with almost NO sugar in them) and sugar free syrup on some Sundays. They're low-impact, but they're also a definite treat (at least for me).

    Lastly, try to go for long walks or bike rides now that it's getting warmer. The exercise will help with the highs, and it's not the kind of exercise that you have to force yourself to do-it's just fun! (Well, walking isn't, but walking with a friend is.)

  2. We have the 'weekend' problem with Bean. It's hard to find the balance between relaxing and schedule! Now that she's out of school, the whole week is out of whack! NEED to find a good schedule to stick to because D plays so much more nicely when there's a schedule!!

  3. Reyna Says:

    What about a different w/e basal? I know a lot of people that utilize that...

  4. Meagan Says:

    Great post! I have the same problem when I am off. I seem to eat WAY more on the weekend than I would when I am busy at work. I try to watch the carbs a bit and add more protein to my snacks/meals at's helped a little. Though, I still can't help but have treats when we sit down to watch movies.

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