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Last night I was watching, "So You Think You Can Dance" when Natalie had to be rushed to the hospital for low blood sugar and when she came back in front of the judges she said something that caught my attention and gasp, "UMM WHAT?!?!"

"They think I might have diabetes."

First off, what do you mean THEY THINK? THEY THINK? If THEY THINK then you should be in a hospital! Is it Type 1 or Type 2? She is a bigger girl, so I was shocked they never really clarified what happened or what type. It upset me, because when I was diagnosed, as many others, it was a week stay in the hospital. To me, it made it looks like it wasn't a big deal to be diagnosed with diabetes. Obviously we can most of it was "due to editing" as they always say...but WHAT?!?! I would LOVE LOVE to see a diabetic dancer on the show, but she was cut. Does she have diabetes though? I'm not even sure. Apparently neither is she.

Hopefully if she does, she is getting all the help and support she needs. She really was an amazing dancer and I wish she wasn't cut :(

Then my night got REALLY exciting

I woke up on my own around 3am...weird...thought to myself,

"Why am I awake?...oh wow...I don't feel so good....hmm I should check my blood sugar..."

Mind you I went to bed with a lovely 130.

3am check= 329

UGH. Does anyone else just wake up with a high? I have woken up from a low MANY times, but never a high. It just so happen I took off my sensor last night, since it was over and I never put a new one in at night. Always in the morning so I can at least sleep through the night and not deal with calibrating.

I must have been feeling that bad, if I woke I go to get my pump I notice, IT'S NOT CONNECTED TO ME!!! What?!?! How did this happen? How in my sleep did I manage to do this?? I am such a crazy sleeper!

..anyway I corrected then went back to bed.

7:50am= 277 not much better....

11:17am= 116 ABOUT TIME!!!!!
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  1. Jasmine Says:

    Wow, I've never woken up with a high in the middle of the night. Sure, in the morning I've been higher than I'd like, but it's never disturbed my sleep!

    Also.....low blood sugar leading to a diagnosis of diabetes? I'm not sure how that makes sense. Although I had no hospital stay when I was diagnosed, it definitely didn't happen because of too many hypoglycemic episodes :)

  2. Reyna Says:

    UGH...too bad they didn't clarify the type.

    And...I feel you on the highs. We have been on a high stretch for about 24 hours now. Low 200s. Just high enough, long enough to be annoying.

  3. Barb Says:

    My son wakes for highs but not the lows :(

  4. Jeanne Says:

    If your not taking insulin and you could have Diabetes, doesn't your blood sugar go high, not low? Just sayin! That whole thing about D made me a little angry! Glad to see someone else was a little confused too!

  5. Weird that they didn't clarify if she was diabetic or not, seems like she'd know without a doubt if she was T-1, cause those symptoms are pretty in your face.

    I'm glad you woke up! I don't seem to wake up for highs or lows. :(

  6. That's strange! It reminds of when Bret Michaels was on The Apprentice and he said his daughter was diagnosed as "pre-diabetic." How can you have type 1 and be pre-diabetic? You either have it or you don't. Sounded like the honeymoon phase to me. Gotta love TV shows that are edited by people who don't know the difference!

  7. I've found TJ with the cannula pulled out in the middle of the night - she never noticed.

    Blessings to you.

  8. Daisy Says:

    Pfft, sounds as though the show perhaps hadn't done enough research into diabetes to actually realise the seriousness of it! I know it's not the same, but people always used to say to me "I wish I was diabetic so I couldn't eat sugary foods like chocolate and get fat. I'd always be skinny"
    So wish that people would get their facts right and not underestimate what it actually means to be diabetic! I'm not surprised that you were upset by it - the UK has a version of 'So you think you can dance?', but I've never seen the US one. Still, this upset me too!

    Can't say I've ever woken up because of a high - lows seem to be my only alarm clock!

  9. Alyssa Says:

    I guess, in theory, it's possible to be diagnosed because you were low. Think about it; if exercise increases your body's ability to use insulin, and your body is still making some, then you could swing low. Usually, people's bodies bring their blood sugars up and down on their own, but in someone with diabetes, their bodies don't make glucagon as well as insulin. Therefore, if someone is practicing dance moves non-stop, it is possible that their blood sugar could drop.

    Also, I have a friend who was diagnosed at over 700 and never spent a day in the hospital post diagnosis. She brags about how they got her under 200 in two days (nice), but they were on the phone with the doctor a few times per day for about a week.

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