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I have sensitive skin. Not super sensitive, but I am very fair and my skin gets easily irritated. (Kinda like me...)

Enter in diabetes and the combo isn't so good. If you've noticed anything about diabetes almost everything has to do with skin, testing blood sugar, giving shots, pumps, sensors, watching your hands and feet, etc. etc...

As you can imagine, that's a lot of poking!! Anyway...

Sensors are what we are going to talk ask about.

They hurt the most, but they are the most helpful...CHECK THIS OUT

This is after three days. I couldn't stand how itchy it was and raw it felt. This isn't even the worst. I just need some help here! They are expensive and I hate to waste them, but my skin can only take so much.

What do you all do? Does this happen to you? My sensor has only gone on my stomach, does a new area maybe help?
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  1. Bean doesn't have the skin irritation problem, but I've heard (well, read) that others who do use the IV3000. Hope you get some good suggestions!!

  2. Karen G Says:

    Ouch, not fun!! I wear my sensors on my lower back / upper butt. They do look like that when I take them off too, but after six days not three. I have found when I wear them on my stomach they get a lot more irritated a lot faster. I wish I had a helpful tip for you. :(

  3. Jasmine Says:

    I think I lost my last comment...I'll try to recreate it and my apologies if I double post!

    I use the Medtronic sensor and have never had any problems like this! They only leave me bruised for WEEKS after I remove them.

    Lorraine at This is Caleb did an extensive post on her trial and error with adhering the Dexcom. Here it is:

  4. Reyna Says:

    Lorraine from This Is Caleb has dealt with a ton of skin sensitivity issues. Do you follow her blog? Scope it out...or message me and I'll look for the exact post.

    Good luck!!!

  5. April Says:

    I have sensitive skin also - c-section and tape they put on the area - tape and my body do not work - took me two hours to remove the tape - left my skin burned - c-section no pain - skin burned hurt really bad!

    I am like you stomach has been the place that I place mine - I did try upper arm this last time - not bad - weird thing it did not hurt at all putting the needle in! but found the patch starting to come up.

    Do you use IV prep??? I find when I forget to use that - mine itch more.

    Sorry I had to do anonymous - for some reason I can't use my blogger sign in to post!


  6. Hi Lauren! I'm sooo sorry you are having this issue. I know how completely frustrating this can be. Good luck! I hope you find the combination that works for you! Thanks Jasmine and Reyna for mentioning my post. Makes me smile to know our shared experiences can benefit each other.

  7. The Kimlers Says:

    I am so sorry they do that to your skin. I leave mine on for 6 days and yes they leave my skin itchy and with dry patches or even sometimes break my skin open where the edges are. I have heard but not tried yet that not using the IV3000 and using the 3m tape helps. You just put it on in like an X shape. My irritation also comes from the tape on the sensor too. I have been cleaning the area, even if it is right after a shower with an antibacterial soap dry it real good, then put it on and do the same when I move the site. Hope this helps.

  8. busymom Says: sorry-it LOOKS itchy!! hydrocortisone cream might help? We use the IV Prep, and my daughter doesn't have problems, but I thought it only helped with adhesion, but maybe with skin sensitivity too?

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