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As many of you know, or maybe don't know...I love yoga! I also hate diabetes. (In case you didn't know)

The two sometimes don't mix.

Let's start back at work around 6:30pm. I decreased my basal by 50% because the class started at 7:30. I had lunch around 1pm and I dosed for the 30carbs. Around 6:30 I noticed I was 100, so I thought ok I'll decrease basal, disconnect during yoga and have one reeses peanut butter cup. (12 carbs for one cup)

I thought I was perfect and ready to go. Right before class I tested in at 140. Should be good! The class is an hour and a half, so in my head I imagined I'd end class in the 90's.

Life has been crazy lately, so I haven't gotten a chance to get to yoga lately, so I knew my flexibility and strength were going to suffer. About 45 minutes into the class, I start really really upset with myself. Things that a couple of weeks ago that were easy, were very difficult today. My muscles were shaking and I felt so weak. WOW! I am out of my yoga shape!

Then I thought...hmm let's glance at my CGM. "Lost Sensor" PERFECT. So I interrupted my yoga-ness to test.


WHAT?!?!?!? That means I dropped over 100 points in less than an hour. Now all the shaking and weakness made sense.

How can this be?!?! I haven't been that low in a LONG time. Looking through my bag I finally found the glucose tabs container at the bottom...wait...WHERE ARE THE TABS? WHERE IS THE LID OF THE CONTAINER?!?!?! Only because I am in yoga and everyone is peaceful and silent, but here I am in a panic. I didn't want to leave the room in case something happened, but it appears all my tabs were at the bottom of my bag.


Finally, after what seems like forever, I find three, and sit in child's pose on my mat for almost the rest of the class. The teacher comes over and rubs my back and I started to cry. This all just seems so unfair I kept thinking. Yoga in LA is pretty pricey and now I basically wasted half of a class do a low blood sugar that just shouldn't have happened.

She probably thought I was crying because the class was too hard, but I have been taking yoga for years, and her class was perfect for me. I wanted to shout at the room, "I promise I really can do this! I just have diabetes" but I didn't want to ruin their yoga class, where they paid for silence and peace.

My meditation was also ruined because all I could think about was how angry I was at diabetes. Why is it we can do everything right, but diabetes doesn't want to comply?

It's days like this that remind me how much I hate diabetes.
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  1. Sucks that things didn't work out like the 'should have.' Totally hate it when that happens! Why, oh why, can't D play by the rules?!?!

  2. Wendy Says:

    ARGH!!!!! That freakin' low ticked me off!!!!

    I have to say...I figured that yoga was just a few stretches and a little meditation.

    Until I tried a few classes.


    I have never POURED SWEAT so much in my life!!!

    Down Dog.

    That's about as good as I get :)

  3. Reyna Says:

    Oy, I felt your frustration in this post Lauren. Do you read Ann from "Day By Day". She is a 20-something-year-old with type 1...she pumps/CGMs and does yoga (that one where they "heat" you up). She has been battling some lows with it too.

    Hang in there girl. You will figure this out. Don't lose faith in yourself. xoxo

  4. Scully Says:

    Oh GAWD don't I know this scenario! I have avoided this situation in yoga class so far but not in things like spin class.
    Nothing makes you feel more defeated, I know. What's worse is that you end the class feeling bloated and full of sugar and totally without the exercise and meditation you went in there intending to get. I KNOW! The best thing I can say? brush it off and concentrate on the next class.
    Sitting in childs pose crying is where I would have probably been too. :(

  5. Meagan Says:

    Those lows really do know how to happen at the worst times!!! I was just shopping yesterday with a friend for about an hour and I dropped almost 100 points. It's crazy how quickly it can happen. I hope the next class goes beautifully for you.

  6. Jasmine Says:

    I've had my share of yoga lows in the five months I've been practicing very regularly. It's funny, because I never quite know what's going to happen.

    Not to self-promote, but this reminds me so much of one of my posts from a few months ago:

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