The DL
I swear I'm alive!!

Things have been so crazy, but I promise I have been keeping up with all of my reading of all your blogs-so not to worry!! :)

Well, why is it that when life is SO CRAZY that's when diabetes tries to get in the way??

This past weekend I was trying to find an address for a work event, and I was literally running up and down 6 blocks over and over trying to find this address...and you can guess what happens next....

Please forgive the crappy photo, but as you can see there is a large dip, then rebound due to stress. Ugh. Thanks diabetes.

BUT not to worry! It didn't ruin the day! The event went well and all was fine :)

Diabetes: 0
Lauren: 1

4 Responses
  1. Love it when 'we' come out ahead of D!! :)

  2. Scully Says:

    Your CGM graph looks like a bird in the sky!

  3. Reyna Says:

    Good to hear from you....LIFE gets busy, but that is the great part...more "bloggable material" ... right?

  4. Glad you're okay and that D didn't ruin the day. Also glad to see a new post from you! :)

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